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Discovery + App message 'Upgrade to Watch'

Hi all,

I have been watching Discovery + on Sky Stream with no problems, until suddenly I get this message appear saying 'upgrade to watch'. Ive spoken with Sky and Discovery + and have been going back and fourth between the two. I understand this is due to maybe a software issue with the Discovery App and its affected the Stream puc/Sky Glass etc. My account is active and I have no connection issues. So I assume this is going to be a long term issue? Has anyone else managed to get any further information about this please? Ive been given a week VIP pass...WOW...from Discovery + which is absolutely pathetic, especially once speaking with them, they can magically get it to work, only for a week of course..then I have to ring them back..again...for the fourth time. I hope they will pay for my mobile phone bill when it comes in 🙄


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