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40 minutes of adverts

I am trying to move forward on the tennis channel and I've jumped forward 60 mins.  But it now says I can't move forward as I have 48 mins of adverts left. although it's on the tennis.  I haven't got ad skipping but 48 mins before I can move forward again is a bit extreme !!!  hated sky stream already and losing my patience rapidly each day with it.  Why 48 minutes of ads? what am I doing wrong.


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Re: 40 minutes of adverts

Hi, I also have Sky Stream and I share your frustration with the ads although I don't think that should be happening.
You cann try the steps below

1. Turn off your Sky Stream puck with the remote then turn it off at the mains

2. Wait for 30 seconds

3. Switch your Sky Stream puck back on at the mains and wait for 30 seconds, if it dosen't come on automatically press the button on the bottom of your Sky Stream Puck.
If a restart hasen't fixed your issue it's best to contact Sky which yu can find their contact info on their help page or you can call 150 from a Sky landline or Sky Mobile number.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Best of luck!


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