Discussion topic: Sky store charge, which I never use!

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Sky store charge, which I never use!

I'm really annoyed, a charge has appeared for a sky store movie, 13.99, The Marvels.  We never rent/buy from Store so how has this happened?


Took me forever to get through to a person, who  said it will be cancelled but apparently it will take 3 days.  They sounded disbelieving, but I have Disney Plus and all Marvel stuff is on there. Plus the movie hasn't been opened.


Alsoo noticed their charges will be creeping us over the next few months so will probably cancel after this. Just aggro I don't need.  How could this happen? 


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Re: Sky store charge, which I never use!

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This is a weird one @theresa3000 


My thoughts - 


I'm not typing this in a particular attempt to defend Sky but from all the years I've been on the Sky forum we usually hear that these phantom purchases are from a child / family member / friend (who has been lent access to your Sky) and who had bought it accidentally. 


Do you have "pin on purchase" within your parental settings switched to on ?


Glad to hear Sky are refunding you though. 

Edit : incidentally- The Marvels isn't yet available on Disney Plus (not on mine anyway ) 

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Re: Sky store charge, which I never use!

Thank you for trying to help, but no kids or grandkids around here on that day and, tbh, my husband pretty much just watches terrestial tv. I might watch Atlantic or Sky1.


To make it worse, it was still showing yesterday so rang to check, went through an outsourced call centre, transferred incorrectly to Ireland and eventually to UK. There was no record of cancelling it on my account but they were very helpful and sorted it for me instantly. Took circa 40 minutes on phone.. Not really acceptable service. I have another month or so before I can cancel but will be doing so.  


  • When a charge appears for no reason (we do have a pin) it just makes me nervous, will it happen again?


Thought they were all on Disney plus lol, we gave up after End Game! 



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