Discussion topic: Charged for film hire I’ve not had

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Charged for film hire I’ve not had

So far last night I have been charged for a film hire on sky store you can't hire but only buy.. nice one and charged for a film that appeared on my account my wife and I did not watch. On top of that Now TV have been doing the same.. I'm take for a fool by having money taken straight from my account as they hold my details. Anyone else experienced the same and what to do apart from cancel. 


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Re: Charged for film hire I’ve not had

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Hi @Davidpeterling 


I can't comment on Now TV- but as for Skystore I've not heard of a truly "phantom" charge. 

is there any way at all that a family member / friend has access to your Skystore login and didn't realise the film was chargeable? Or someone else in the house has been using your Sky box ? 


in any event - to try to resolve the Skystore charge - try a livechat with the Sky store team who open next at 11am tomorrow. 


Hope you get it resolved. 


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