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freezing etc

hi recently skyq box has frozen. nothing worse than watching something with about 5 mins remaining and the picture freezers. remote will not do anything. had to unplug and restart. then some of the apps have gone ? remote changes the channel but the channel stays on the same with a black screen. done this afew times over the last week or 2. ? your thoughts on this would be great


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Re: freezing etc

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Hi @toptinker 


Your post has been escalated to our Community Messaging team who will invite you to a private chat shortly and help you with this.

Just look out for the chat bubble to start the conversation.


Here's more information on how Community Messaging works - https://community.sky.com/t5/Did-you-know/Escalating-a-post-to-a-Sky-expert/ba-p/3711147


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Re: freezing etc

this i am not sure has been sorted. having lots of communication with a sky tech. going through and testing alot, we got to the stage of deleting all my recordings and resetting the hard disc. this looked as if it had sorted all the pixelation and mainly freezing problems. but for the last 2 days i have noticed a slight  freeze (maybe half a second)  3 or 4 times watching live tv (in the space of 5pm-11pm) with some sort of pixelation mixed in. this again on the main box. this i could not say has our chat had passed the 48hours it was open.


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