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WIFI Connection black spots



I have an office in the garden, its at the side of my house, so the brick wall of the house then my office is a purpose built wood outbuilding immediately adjacent to my living room at the side. 

But I can't get a strong WIFI connection in there. 
I struggle to get any signal in there at all. Even browsing the internet is slow to non existent at times


I have a radiator which connects to a WIFI signal and I'm meant to be able to control it via my mobile phone when I'm in the house as the radiator is meant to be kept on all the time on a low setting but when I'm in the office I can't even set it up because the app can't see the device and I'm sure it's a lack of wifi connectivity.

Do I need a booster and does it have to be a sky booster or can it be any brand?


Can someone recommend a good one that one break the bank? And where do I put it?


Thank you.


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