Discussion topic: Technical Fault - Sky Q / Sky mimi-box

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Technical Fault - Sky Q / Sky mimi-box

   "Technical Fault" 

Blue / Black Screen

Hi All..

If you have had the same problem as me, you could try the following fix :

  • If you have your Sky Q box hardwired or Wi-Fi connected to your non-sky router
  • Firstly, check your SKY Q settings, go to Status, go to Network Connection and go to Network Setup
  • If your broadband name is NOT Correct, then this must be changed
  • Go to Advanced Settings and go to Set Manually
  • Your broadband should have it's own IP address. Enter that in manually on the top line e.g.  .08 for BT routers
  • N.B. if you have a BT Router, but shows up as EE, then reset it back to your old BT router name, and your BT password, all to be found on the BT Router itself, on the pull out info slide..
  • If you have completed this, then your SKY Q box should be working fine..
  • Repeat with Sky Mini Box, try without the 'white' booster box first, if you rely on wi-fi for sky upstairs, you may have to re-connect it.. 

hope that all works out for you, it worked out for me..!!





I would like to add some photos, but it's not clear here how to do that, sorry..


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Re: Technical Fault - Sky Q / Sky mimi-box

I think this post needs to be edited or removed as it is very misleading...

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