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TV signal issues

Hi, we are currently having signal issues with our a TV and this has been like this for the passed few weeks, we have even lost channels and it's just a plain blue screen, other channels it keeps breaking up and it's a nightmare. We have tried resetting the box and nothing changes

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Re: TV signal issues

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If a message is displaying ”No signal” it tends to be from your TV not being on the correct input (check the HDMI cable between the Sky Q box and your TV)

Any “no satellite signal” message relates to your Sky box.

Whenever a “no satellite signal” message is displayed firstly check that the connections from the Sky dish going into the back of your Sky Q box are still finger tight. Also check out the troubleshooting on this link
It may then give you the opportunity to arrange an engineer to check the alignment of your dish.

A misalignment is not necessarily something that will be visible to the naked eye and could only affect one or two channels. If you’re on a communal dish you may initially need to liaise with your landlord or building management company.

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