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Sky q + Virgin Media + mini boxes

I've recently changed my broadband from sky to virgin media and am now a little confused as to how it all interconnects now / if I've got it connected the best way. 

I think this is how it is:


The main sky q box is connected via Ethernet to the Virgin media hub.


4 sky q mini boxes are then connected to the sky q main box via the sky q main box's own mesh wifi. 

2 questions.


1) why are my mini boxes and main q boxes showing under network settings they are connected still to a sky ssid? + a sky ssid seems to be broadcasting around the house despite having the old sky router off now, is this the q mesh wifi?


2) I used to have problems with mini boxes shuttering / dropping off and was given one of these (sky broadband booster?) to make all of the mini boxes work better. Is this redundant now? What another to help with this thst works with my new Virgin media setup? 








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Re: Sky q + Virgin Media + mini boxes



Not really answering your questions I'm afraid but my experience of moving to Virgin Media broadband is slightly different although not perfect.

My main SkyQ box is connected to VM router via WiFI (Same room approx 3m away). 2 Sky Q mini boxes are connected to Sky Q main box. SKy booster is connected to Sky Q main box and 3rd Sky Q mini is connected to booster in back room. I also have a VM booster in back room and get an excellent broadband signal. The connected equipment shows the VM SSID and not the SKY SSID. If I remove the Sky booster the signal on the Tv in the back becomes pixelated and freezes on live Tv. The problem is Sky want the booster back as they have said without Sky broadband there is no option to help with the booster (online chat message). They have agreed to send an engineer out though to have a look.

I will update with his findings next week.

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Re: Sky q + Virgin Media + mini boxes



just doing the same. 
- switched from Sky BB to VM BB 

- main sky q box connected to VM hub by Ethernet. Just plugged them together & main Sky Q working fine for catchup etc

- Sky minis connect to main Sky Q via Sky WiFi using WPS fine. Minis can see recordings on main box etc ... 


BUT - minis not connected to VM BB. cannot see catchup, Netflix etc on the minis? 

what's the fix to get the Sky minis seeing the internet?? 


thanks chaps. 


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