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Satalite not working out

Hello, my sky engineer told me I need to replace my sky box with a stream service as my satalite dish will not work due to the forest outside, thanks.


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Re: Satalite not working out

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hi @David260 


SKY Q (& SKY +/HD) do need  to have a Satellite dish that has clear sight of the Satellites.


If there is tree coverage or other obtructions which cannot be removed  & no alternative position suitable then, probably, your only option to continue with SKY is streaming as advised by the engineer.


You will need to call SKY to discuss & arrange


BTW we are, primarily,  just other customers here and help give advice  


edit - to call::

If you have the MY SKY app I think you may be able to find a number there - especially if you are a SKY VIP member
If not go this page & scroll to the bottom and expand the link need more help & scroll down


If you have SKY Mobile or SKY Talk land line then I think you can also call 150


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