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Having to keep resetting sky Q mini box

This is extremely frustrating, every now and again the mini box will lose connection to the main box, both boxes have been replaced I was having issues with the mini box knocking the WiFi off but after calling Sky they put me through to an engineer who advised me to turn the 2.4ghz channel off on both boxes, this solved it for a few days but now it's happening again, what's even worse is that it freezes the entire box, can't pause if your watching anything on demand it'll just continue to play once the connection is restored and then if I press the home button it just brings up a black screen, can't power it off either as that does not work, only way I can solve is by pulling the power cord out, main box is fine though, is this a known issue with the mini box, I'm having to do this few times a day it should not be losing connection at all I have full fibre broadband, any suggestions I think the WiFi is still dropping out on the router, they suggested replacing the router but they don't think that's the problem 


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Re: Having to keep resetting sky Q mini box

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Hi @Robbo0410 

First try rebooting the main Q box and then when this is completely back up and running reboot the mini.
To reboot press Standby on your Sky Q remote (if the box responds to the remote), and then switch off and unplug at the mains.
Wait at least 30 secs and then Plug back in and switch your Sky Q box back on at the mains.
Wait for the on screen instructions to disappear and the front led to turn Amber. Then wait for 30 secs before you press Home on your Sky Q remote or if this is not working press the standby button on the front of the Q box (Amber led)

note: some features may take up to 5 minutes to return.

Reboot the mini as above.
If the mini still does not connect try a Network Reset on the mini.
Network Reset found in mini Home - Settings - Setup - Network.
Highlight Status and then select Reset on the right hand side. Follow instructions to WPS with main Q box.
You will be asked to press the WPS button on the main Q box (not the mini as the Network reset will start the mini WPS automatically).

If you are on Sky Broadband and the Router is nearer to the mini than the main box then you can try pressing WPS on the router instead of the main Q box. If you do this make sure you press the Sky router WPS button and not the router reset button.

Failing all of the above you may need a Sky Q WiFi Booster to position midway between your main Q box and the mini and you will need to contact Sky directly.

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Re: Having to keep resetting sky Q mini box

@oldfella this is only happening when the WiFi is dropping, hence why I said that Sky don't think it's a router problem they thought it had something to do with the boxes, they advised to the 2.4ghz off on the boxes which solved it for a few days but every so often the WiFi drops on the router, it's back on within 30 seconds, the mini box is only what I said in original post when the WiFi drops, I'm not sure if it's worth calling Sky and requesting a broadband engineer visit as I'm on full fibre the connection should not be dropping at all, and it's obviously causing a knock on effect problem with the mini box, I'm not a massive expert on broadband settings on any router nvm Sky's own 


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