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Hello all,


I'm having a bit of a kerfuffle. For context, I have a SONY TV and Soundbar system. The soundbar is connected to the TV via an Optical Cable. For some reason, when I am changing a channel on my SKY Q box, there is a delay of around 3 seconds, and the sound starts. There is no audio sync issue, it's all good, but the delay is quite infuriating!


Does anyone know of a way to fix this or remove that 3 second delay before the audio starts? 


Many Thanks


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Re: Delay

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It's most likely the soundbar that's the 'issue'.


It's the time taken for the soundbar to recognize the audio stream, decode it and output it from an interrupted signal.


Can you not use HDMI?

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Re: Delay

Well there's no HDMI port on the Soundbar, so I am unable to do that. The other devices connected to the TV work perfectly, with no delay at all!

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Re: Delay

Hi @Shann123,


I have this when going between YouTube and normal Sky Q channels, go into the audio visual settings then under both HDMI and Optical set it to normal instead of Dolby Digital or Dolby digital plus.

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