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Deco mesh and Sky issues

I have either a mesh or Sky problem, and I think it’s the latter. If there are any thoughts I’d appreciate them and pass them on to my Wi-Fi engineer.


1 had severe glitchy issues with one mini box, stuttering, freezing,  ritually impossible to watch either live or recorded programmes. Sky Q box was fine though. Thought it might be box itself so swapped for newer mini one in house, but had exactly the same issues.

2 Called in Wi-Fi chap who came and installed Deco mesh hubs. Main hub to router, three hubs to Sky Q box and two minis. Ethernet from boxes to hubs and Wi-Fi turned off on all boxes.

3 All seemed fine for couple of days, much stronger Wi-Fi upstairs. But woke to red light on one mini box. Had to reboot whole system. It also took ages for router to find Sky Q box.

4 This has now happened three times more, usually every other day. Router seems to go off early am and trips mesh hubs.

5 Latest was this morning but thankfully all is now back after reboot. 


Is this anything to do with the time when Sky shuts down boxes and does upgrades? I presume the router has gone off too because the Sky booster has tripped too (can tell as catflap hub is red not green). But is this a mesh issue or Sky issue?

Before the mesh connectivity wasn’t great in late afternoon, early evening with mega freezing and glitching and then this started early am too. I wouldn’t have noticed the router going off and back on pre mesh.


i have swapped HDMI cables and ports on first troublesome mini box, no change. Today I have left troublesome mini box and hub off, just in case it is that box, but not sure it is. Just trying to do process of elimination. 


My Wi-Fi chap is coming back to try and fix things but he says he has never had this issue before, so I thought I’d ask on here for any similar experiences and possible solutions. I may not understand the tech talk but my engineer will.

Thank you in advance!


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