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Cant download boxsets

I am i the process in moving to a new house I have had sky Q intalled last week but I can't download boxsets from on demand says I need to call to upgrade even though I have the relevant package I have tried to change the settings to download in SD, UHD and HD but none make any difference can anyone help?


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Re: Cant download boxsets

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hi @Brilew 


Unfortunatley, I think you are suffering from  a bug at SKY's end which can affect some new customers when trying to download.

I have escalated your post to SKY who, hopefully, will be in touch.


Please see this link re the escalation and what you might see:



I believe they try to refresh the card which sometimes works first time but I think it can take several attempts and even then sometimes it needs some other background process


If you are using Safari I believe you must make sure that 'Hide IP adress' is not checked in settings to be able to see it - if you have difficulty finding that setting then may be try accessing here with another browser

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Re: Cant download boxsets

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Thanks for escalating this. We’ve sent an invite to chat.


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