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Sky protect

Has anyone managed to over come the issue of the sensors connecting to the Bridge. Sky sent new Bridge but still can't connect have tried absolutely everything. Door bell and camera working fine ! Anyone have any suggestions 


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Re: Sky protect

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Try the following;


Would suggest removing the sensor bridge on the indoor camera for at least ten minutes and when replaced go round to each of the door,, leak and motion sensors to wake them up with that sensor bridge change.

During that ten minutes, pull out the indoor camera usb cable and leave off power for a few minutes, then let it reconnect to the router, before reattaching the bridge sensor.


To wake up a leak sensor, wipe your hand over the bottom, it will alert it's wet, then dry in the app. Door sensors wake up by opening/ closing the door. Motion sensor by walking passed a few times.


Also, may be worth a eboot of your broadband router before you do the above, or if the above does not cure your problem.

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Re: Sky protect

I will give that a go shortly and update when done !!


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