What rewards are on Sky Piggybank? February update.

Piggybank rewards details - latest update


Phone and tablet rewards


Customers buying any other new phone or tablet can get a discount using these Piggybank rewards options:


  • 25GB for £10 off
  • 50GB for £20 off
  • 100GB for £40 off


Mobile accessories rewards

Customers can get:


  • iSmash Repair Voucher - 50GB for £25 voucher. The voucher will be sent in the post within 10 days.

For other mobile accessories customers can get this discount:


  • 10GB for £5 off


Sky product rewards

Customers can redeem the below amounts on:


  • Any Sky Ocean Rescue Thermal Cup: 10GB for £8 off
  • Any Sky Ocean Rescue Water Bottle: 20GB for £10 off


Customers can only use Piggybank rewards on the Ocean Rescue products in the Sky Mobile accessories range, not in the Sky Accessories/Sky Ocean Rescue shop.


What you need to know


  • You can cash in some of your Piggybank data to discount any purchase of a new phone, tablet or accessory to the specified amounts.
  • Piggybank rewards can be redeemed through sky.com or in the My Sky App
  • Customers who have debt or a pending Swap might not be able to redeem Sky Piggybank data against their purchase and their card will be charged, rather than deducting from their Sky Piggybank.


Also, from 17 February, Sky Mobile customers can choose from these new and returning data plans.


  • (100MB for £5)
  • 3GB for £7
  • 4GB for £8
  • 8GB for £9
  • 12GB for £12
  • 20GB for £15
  • 40GB for £20
  • 75GB for £26

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