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New eSIM won't activate


I purchased a new device, iphone 15 pro and decided to try using an eSIM which I now regret as it will not activate and I've tried this 5+ times.


Not only can I not activate the eSIM but for what ever reason sky disabled the old sim card so it's left me without a phone and any help sky offers requires a phone, call us they say... we can text you a new eSIM they say... not so easy since they fried my working sim and can't activate the eSIM.


Looking on these forums I can see I'm not alone in this issue and I'm amazed that sky are even letting people convert to eSIMs because they are clearing having issues.


At this point I'm out of ideas, I'd be happy to cancel my sky contract and move to a new provider but guess what... I need to text to retain my phone number which I've had for 20 years.


As you can see I'm quite frustrated by this whole situation and that there is no easy fix such as a live chat with a sky employee. I have requsted a replacement sim card to be sent out, but that is going to be 4-5 days away at the earliest and is not an acceptable outcome.


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Re: New eSIM won't activate

@Simon0906    I have the same issue - however my new iphone is from US ( I live in both UK and US) and they do not have a physical sim card slot anymore.  Newer phones in most countries are doing away with it and going Esim only. 

I have now given them until Friday to sort this out - switching to another provider and keeping your number is easier than having to do all this so tahts the route I will be taking.   Now on a 3rd 'call-back' and giving them until tomorrow.  


I feel awful for their CR's that are heading into fall - with the new phones coming out most will be moving to Esim only - their support simply doesnt stand a chance. 


Esim Conversion Progress ->


7 Calls,  7 Reps,  2 no call-backs, 1 hang-up,    4 days waiting.   7.5+hours of phone time.

Replaced Sim 4 times, 

7 confirmation codes received via text

2 links sent about install, went to blank screen on their website 

9 x Converted to E-sim once with no activations code sent, every request to convert came with error 'Sending Failed'

9x 'Activate replacement Sim', no Esim option is available


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Re: New eSIM won't activate

Same problems. Bought a new iPad yesterday and have tried to transfer the data plan on my old iPad over to an  eSIM on the new one. Best part of 5 hours on calls to Sky with no success, it's been 15 years since I spent so much time on a tech issue!

Clearly no way Sky can make this work yet,  suspect requesting the PAC tomorrow & transferring to another provider will be the fastest way of resolving. 
Can see this is a common issue, very frustrating.


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