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Mobile restricted

Payments have not been taken from my account for my Sky  mobile. I hadn't realised and the bill went up to £620. I'm not very good  at managing things my myself and my carer hadn't noticed. I presumed it had been getting paid I've had no letters or messages from any to say it was in debt. I've now had my services restricted and this leaves me very vulnerable. I cant call sky and the online chat is useless. I really need to have my phone on and would like it know if Icould  come to some arrangement with Sky to have my services restored if I agree to a payment plan. 


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Re: Mobile restricted

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@Robert+Wynne  You're not talking to Sky via the forum, however Sky don't do payment plans unless on a legitimately closed account.    Sky also won't reinstate services untull the balance is paid in full, this is the same process for all customers.



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Re: Mobile restricted

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Unfortunately if your Sky services have been restricted Sky won’t reinstate them until you’ve paid what (Sky believe) is owed in full and set up a new continuous payment method. If your payment is two or more weeks overdue you will have to pay the next bill as well. Any calls to Sky will only prompt you to make your payment.

If you can’t pay what you owe in one go you can pay what you want, but until the bill is fully paid Sky will not reinstate your services. Sky don't allow payment plans on overdue live accounts, nor will they consider promises to pay on or by a certain date.

Once your full payment has cleared and is in Sky’s account your services should be reinstated, but this may not be instant. Also, any payment you make over a weekend or on a Bank Holiday isn’t likely to be processed until the following week as banks are closed.

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Re: Mobile restricted

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Hi @Robert+Wynne ,


Just to add further to points already raised on this thread.  You do also have full details on our guidence for restricted mobile accounts on Sky.com here: https://www.sky.com/help/articles/sky-mobile-account-restricted


If you are already registered with Sky Accessibility, you can also speak with our accessibility team using the contact option from the page here: https://www.sky.com/help/articles/accessibility-information-sky-mobile-broadband-and-talk-customers 





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