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Sky Go on PC and MAC Desktop trial (and more...)

Posted by a Sky employee

Hi Everyone


Please note: By joining any trial, you are agreeing to an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and therefore you should not share any feedback in the public community. When you sign up, you will be provided with information on how to send feed back to the team.


We require new trialists for our upcoming Sky Go on PC and MAC Desktop trial: We have a new version that is due to be released that is quicker than ever, and we will require as much feedback as possible before launch!


Please follow the link below to join this trial:


Sky Go on PC and MAC Desktop Trial


We are also looking for trialists for our other trials, please use the links to sign up below:


Sky Go on iOS Trial

Sky Go on Android Trial

Sky Go on Apple TV Trial


Note: For Apple TV users, you must have an active Sky TV package with Sky Whole Home or Q Multi-screen to participate in the trial. If you've got Sky Glass, you'll need a Whole Home subscription to be able to use Sky Go on Apple TV.(Sky Go Extra users will not be able to use the trial app).


Requirements for Apple TV streaming device:

·       HD

·       4K (1st generation)

·       4K (2nd generation)

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