Discussion topic: Sky Go not working on your console (Xbox, PS4 /5 etc)?

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Sky Go not working on your console (Xbox, PS4 /5 etc)?

Posted by a Sky employee

If you're having issues using Sky Go on your console please note, in order to watch Sky on a console you need to have ONE of the following as part of your subscription package:


  • Sky Q Multiscreen, or, 
  • Sky Glass Whole Home, or,
  • Sky Go Extra

Check your Sky bill to see if you have the above. If you do have one of the above packages, but still not able to watch Sky on your console, please call Sky on 0333 7592908 and the team would be happy to help diagnose the issue. 


You can also find more information here-  TV from Sky on games consoles | Sky Help | Sky.com


Thank you



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