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Continue Watching playing up

Does anybody know why I'm having programmes appear on my continue watching that I've never watched? 


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Re: Continue Watching playing up

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@Staceymay83  There is really nothing you can do about is as basically the Continue Watching rail doesn't work very well and a lot of people simply ignore it. Out of 20 programmes listed on my own CW rail this morning 10 of them should not be there as they have already been watched in full or like in your case I have never watched the programme. Initially they disappeared from the rail but then randomly reappear. Sometimes you can get the rail back in sync by repeatedly pressing the home button but it doesn't always work.  Another anomaly is when you select "Watch from Start" on a programme it will then often keep appearing on the CW rail after each episode (I find the BBC iPlayer and ITVX are particularly bad for this).


Despite my frustration with the CW rail I still find it useful.  If it worked properly it would be a brilliant feature but unfortunately I think that is still a long way off.

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