Discussion topic: Sky's Subtitles problems

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Sky's Subtitles problems

OK so rant time..


So why is it that Disney, Amazon, Netflix, Paramount, Lionsgate, Youtube, Apple, NOW, Britbox, ITV, BBC, All 4, Peacock can all offer decnt subtitles coverage on their content no matter what format it is, yet Sky seem incapable or unwilling to get their subtitles troubles sorted out .


I struggle to get any words for any UHD shows, Sky Store purchases orlive programs. I have to swap the format to HD on EVERY show to try and get subtitles and now even that's hit and miss whether they work or not.


I've seen posts from 2, 3 and even 4 years ago on this forum moaning about subtiltes so its not a new issue. It a long standing problem that Sky dont seem to care one bit about fixing. (removed)


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