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Im partially deaf and wear hearing aids but still need to use subtitles.

Is it just me or have other people not been able to access the subtitles on the Sky Go a good numbet of months now?

I know that the programs have subtitles as they are available onS  T.V but not on the app, and some programmes that  are available on other apps too have the subtitles available on them, just not on sky go even though it says they should be.

Weve tried turning the subtitle option in the settings of then back on again (multiple times) , as well as uninstalling the app and reinstalling (also multiple times) but with no luck.

We have called up Sky themselves to ask for help but no one seems to know how to, literally passing us from person to person 5+ times each time we called with not one person knowing how to help.

Have any of you had rhe same issue and managed to sort it somehow? If so please respond.

Thank you 


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Re: Sky Go App NO SUBTITLES!!!

Did you ever find a solution to this? It always used to work if you selected one with S on but like you th download seems to never have subtitles so am stuck with unable to watch any sky content when travelling.


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