positive feedback / Sky agent experience I've had:

I wish to express my gratitude and thanks to the Sky agent I spoke with on the 9/11/15 who I called in respect of my Sky talk account.


The agent or reference of the agent I spoke with was or is (I was told) 60PTG01.  After a long call wait time of around 15'mins (I initially rang before waiting at 7:15pm on 9/11/15).  I found the agent I spoke with (detailed ref' or ID for her above) to be very professional, kind, dedicated and courteous in her job role and in dealing with my enquiry.  And as well as as helping me with my Sky Talk Anytime enquiry she was very knowledgeable and ensured that she gave me correct and up to date information and that I received all correspondence relating to the changes I had made immediately via Email.


I believe all Sky telephone agents do a valuable job and often under difficult circumstances and I for one much appreciate and respect them for there dedication and willingness to help and assist customers.  I've always found Sky agents on the phone to be kind, courteous and of course very professional and most importantly they work hard to resolve and deal with your (or mine) enquiry to ensure a happy or best case result and or scenario.


Thank you very much Sky I've been a customer for 3+ years now and can't recall a time that I've had an issue or complaint and especially a one that's not been resolved or dealt with.  I find Sky talk, broadband and TV to be most reliable and a lot more so than Virgin media who I've also first hand experience of being a customer with.  Sky for myself is my number '1 choice for reliability and customer service and the offers that I receive and take up on from time to time I enjoy and are great as well (So keep them coming 🙂


I'd most definitely recommend sky to anyone considering them as their media provider (whether it be for all or just for either their phone, broadband and TV services).


Yours faithfully (a happy customer)


Mr Christopher P  McGrath 

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