Thank you Chelsea .. One of the best Sky Team Member ( Advisor )

 *** SKY TV must appreciate there staff for such services ***


Thank you so much Chelsea.. Your services deserve appreciation thats the reason I am sharing my thoughts hope SKY team read and appreciate you.


I am with SKY TV since more then 10 years but recently due some advisors errors and false promises and promises made to give me a call and apologise or compensate ... they lost trust ... i lost my trust talking to any advisor because they seem caring on phone but at the back they do mistake and customer like me suffers there mistake and extra billing.


But Chelsea is the staff I spoken to on 29/09/2023.. between till 10.45am.. Her customer services shall be an example for perfect customer handling. The way she handle my queries.. my issues... my past bad experience.... very Professional .. sweet.. caring... and with in time she handled my problem which I had been struggling and frustrated since August 2023.... she handled in one call and thank you to her manager as well she/he helped her.. but if services like her provided to customers will always keep us using SKY TV. THANK YOU Chelsea and SKY Team for having such staff and services. Words might not explain the kind of appreciation I really wanted to share for her .. but I am a happy customer for today just because of her.


If Sky needs to contact me they are most welcome.




Asif Faizullah


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