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Hi team,


I recently went through a stressful home move process with Sky since January of this year and have been feeling frustrated because my broadband could not be moved to my new address.


I called the Home move team on 0333 200 8000 today and spoke with an Advisor called Claire who then passed me unto a Manager called Shirley to resolve my complaint because I was at my wits end.


Shirley listened with empathy and had a very reassuring manner about her. Despite me talking for so long, she was able to capture the necessary bits of info I gave.


At the end of the call she managed to calm me down and apologised for all the phone calls I had made to Sky for my home move especially given my current health situation. She also offered me alternative solutions to my problem and resolved it to my satisfaction. 


She has restored my faith in Sky just when I had given up and felt like I was constantly being fobbed off.


Please pass this on to Shirley  (or Shelley) the Manager whom I spoke to today during my phone call made to Sky at approx 10.25am on 1st March 2017. She might or might not be in the home move team. 


Please tell her she made me very happy today.

Kind regards,


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Status changed to: Mission Accomplished

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