Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

I can't praise enought the Sky agent that I spoke to on the telephone last night about issues with my broadband speed.


He was courteous, friendly without being over the top, knowledgeable, clear and extremely helpful. I didn't quite catch his name but I think it began with K. Please do what you can to track him down (hopefully you  can do this from my call details but if not please contact me and I will be happy to provide more infomration so that you can).


It was a real pleasure to speak to him, he took me through several steps to investigate my issue and when it couldn't be resolved over the telephone arranged for an engineer to visit this morning. I'm pleased to say the engineer has been and we're back to the 40Mb a house full of teenagers so badly needs!


Again please do what you can to pass on my thanks and give the chap I spoke to a pat on the back, he's a credit to you and deserves it!

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