One of a kind - Sky Customer service

Had a lot of trouble trying to cancel my booking for the installation of SkyQ and the engineer visit that was schedule for the 29 Feb 2024. Rang sky a couples of times from the 20 Feb to request the cancellation, was told I would be transferred to the department in charge - each time it was quite a long conversation but it appeared as though the request was not passed on to the department/person in charge of the canceallation. Instead Sky started sending me the equipment via the Roya Mail  which I requested it to be returned to Sky. Then the following day I received a call from Openreach wanting to come to install the cable for which I turned down. It was really such a headache until on the 24Feb I rang again, this time a direct line to the customer service - had a good long chat with "Neal" I believe this is his name. It was such a relief to finally get to talk to someone who was willing to help a customer.


Neal was a very helpful, patient, kind, understanding person. He took time to explain what I asked and didn't understand. He is really one of a kind - Sky UK I wish you know that you are lucky to have him working for your company

I do thank him for his help, patience, kindness & understanding




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Hey @Chica_Chevere 


Thank you for your post and sharing your experience with Sky. We have sent your thanks onto the staff member and their manager.  




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