Kind ,knowledgeable and enabling.

My problem is that I want the full fibre Sky package, but because the installers , Open Reach, can not/ will not  install it, I had to find out why....On contacting Sky, on two speparate occasions, two lovely Scottish ladies, Jacqueline (Dundee?) and Hilary, have taken time, listened, rang me back with further info when promised and provided me with possible solutions.

Why the problem? 

I have an emegency care line which must be connected within  the system and it is currently not possible with the package I require..

Thank you ladies ,for all your help and definitely the extra mile, though one of you said it was your job!

Also sharing information,explaining,  expert knowledge and providing helpful alternatives to enable to get what I need.. hopefully... I am grateful

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Thank you for your post and sharing your experience with Sky. We have sent your thanks onto the staff member and their manager.  




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