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I'm very grateful to the sky engineers who fixed by signalling issue on Tues 5th March at my house in W.London. My engineer Daniel and his mentor (didn't catch the name) did a very complicated and time consuming re-wiring job on my flat roof. They were very professional, good natured, mindful and had to explore many options to resolve the issue sucessfully.


In particular, the senior engineer who is also Daniel's mentor broke the ice with my neighbour and very diplomatically managed to get access through his garage, something which I was doubtful about. We're on better terms now, thanks to the tactfulness, professionalism and positive attitude of the engineer.


Overall very happy with both engineers and appreciate that they went over and above to resolve both my technical issue and brokered good relations with my neighbour, reducing the job time by getting the access.


I offered Daniel a few treats I was baking on the day, but didn't get to do the same with Daniel's mentor who helped with the neighbour.  I would like to send a box of chocolates to show my appreciation to both. Please provide an office address if possible, Sky Team.



Status changed to: We’re Finding your Staff Member
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Hey @SN3  


Thank you for your post and sharing your experience with Sky. We have sent your thanks onto the staff member and their manager.  




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