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Hiya. I've been a Sky TV customer for about 10 years now.


Both times I've had to have engineers round to fit dishes and set up my equipment, it's been painless, delightful and a pleasure. The engineers have always been so nice and so helpful.


I love my Sky plus, with HD - I don't have tonnes of spare cash so I don't go out much, so my Sky is really important to me. And as a motorsport fan, since Sy took over the coverage of Formula One, I have to say that the F1 channel is simply superb. The coverage, analysis and features are second to none.


Anyway I've just had a Sky Talk and Broadband package installed alongside my TV. From the first call to customer services to arrange the new services, to the receipt of the equipment and the faultless service I've had ever since - with a decent download speed too - it's been with your usual painless, well-informed process - from emails confirming things to texts about engineer visit timings.


I then had a fabulous engineer come round to fix a small probem with my On Demand service - rectified when he discreetly indicated that I had used the wrong cable to connect the box to the Router. D'oh! However he equipped me with a wireless connection, which works perfectly - and noticing my 8 year-old dish was getting a bit rusty, replaced it for me for free. He turned up on time, was careful when doing work, wore shoe covers, was a lovely chap, and made the whole experience pain-free. He didn't leave until he was 100% happy that I was completely satisfied with all aspects of my Sky services.


I know this all sounds a bit sychophantic, but I honestly have no affiliation to Sky at all! However, having been a Director of my own companies, I know how quick people are to complain, but are far more economic when it comes to thanking a company for exceptional service. I therefore always try to take the time to contact any firm, when I have received what I would call really good service.


So I've tried to find an email address to send my thanks to Sky, but to no avail. I wonder if anyone might point me in the right direction - or if someone from Sky might see this post and pass on my thanks accordingly?


Thanks! A happy customer.



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Status changed to: Mission Accomplished

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