Contract Renegotiation.


After having  Contact with your Call Centre, I expected an E Mail requesting feedback, surprisingly none arrived. Which is preferred to other companies hitting you with feedback requests before you leave the site/ call. Well done Sky👍.

  So I feel searching for feedback methods is warranted I this case.

I called the Company on  31/7/23, and after a short delay(eased by a choice of music) a young lady called Shruthi took my call. She was at your India centre, as I am hard of hearing I usually have difficulty understanding heavily accented operators, Shruthi was excellent and understanding, making my renegotiation process easy and fruitful. She listened and answered all my Qs. The revised offer was acceptable, so I'm staying with Sky.

   Please pass on my thanks to her, for being a spot on Agent and a credit to Sky..

                                     Regards P H.





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Hi @Horty+652 


Thank you for your post and sharing your experience with Sky. We have sent your thanks onto the staff member and their manager. 





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