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I called to cancel my broadband and Sky TV as I am moving back in with my parents with my children following a very abusive relationship. As I was still in contract there was quite a large cancellation fee. I started to panick as money is extremely tight for me at the moment. As I wasn't cancelling to go to a different provider, etc, Stephanie spoke to her manager and they were able to resolve this for me. This isn't the only reason I wanted to say thank you to Stephanie... I was very upset and emotional on the call and Stephanie was so kind and patient with me. Although she was also upset by the call she reassured me this is all temporary and life will start to get better. She also gave me the name of a charity that may be able to help. Please, please give her the recognition for what she did for me today. She went way above and beyond what she needed to do and I am truly grateful she answered my call today. 

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Hi @Rebecca3324


Thank you for your post and sharing your experience with Sky. We have sent your thanks onto the staff member and their manager.





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