Sky+ app no longer supported from May 2023

Changes from March and removal by May.


We always aim to support the most up-to-date, secure and high-performing technology – the age of the Sky+ app on iOS and Android means that the services used are out of date and cannot be continued or improved in the existing app.


On March 30th, Channel Favourites will no longer be available in the Sky+ app. Your list of Favourites in the app’s TV Guide page will no longer be displayed or work correctly, but you can still use Favourites as normal on your Sky+ box


The Sky+ app will also be removed from app stores, meaning you will be unable to download the Sky+ app onto any new devices.


Customers who continue to use the Sky+ app after May 31st will see a reduction in the features they can use, and content curation will stop.


  • Sky+ box connectivity features will continue to function unofficially, however if customers experience issues we are unable to provide support or fixes. These features include:
  • Send to TV - browse for what to watch and then watch on your main TV via your Sky+ box
  • Remote – directly control your Sky+ box via your mobile device


There will be a link in the top carousel of the app which drives customers to Sky Go, which they can use for free as part of their subscription.


The Sky Go app has many improvements over the Sky+ app:


  • Available on more platforms and devices:
  • All customers can download and use Sky Go on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Huawei and Amazon Fire
  • Multi-room customers can also download the Sky Go app on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
  • Watch Live TV channels and On Demand shows based on your subscription
  • Download shows to watch when you don’t have WiFi or mobile data, or when travelling outside the UK&ROI
  • Personalised recommendations, Continue Watching where you left off on your device and much more!

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