Radioplayer is now on Sky Q in the UK and Germany!

Radioplayer is now on Sky Q in the UK and Germany!


What is Radioplayer?


Radioplayer is a FREE app that offers public and commercial radio stations. The app has been launched onto Sky Q in the UK and Germany. It's a non-profit partnership between the BBC and commercial radio to bring all the content you love even closer.



Where is it, and what can I do with it?


The app is on the home screen of Sky Q, and for Sky Glass as well! 


With Radioplayer, you can listen to stations on commercial and community sectors, as the BBC already has its own BBC Sounds app on the platform. You can save your favourite stations or shows to listen to later, and hook it up to different products. It's integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can connect it up to the car for long road trips, or to get the kids listening to something educational on the way home to/from school.


You can also link it up to Amazon Echo, Sonos and Bose!


  • Amazon Alexa: Enable the Radioplayer skill, then ‘Ask Radioplayer to play...’ any station you like.

  • Sonos: Add Radioplayer in the Sonos app under Services, and play or favourite any station.

  • Bose: Add Radioplayer in the Bose app under Music Services, then play any station.


Alt Text: an image of the Radioplayer app logo.Alt Text: an image of the Radioplayer app logo.


Visit their website for more information!

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