Netflix and UHD free on Sky for up to 5 months with VIP Offer!

Netflix and UHD free on Sky for up to 5 months with VIP Offer!


New or existing Sky TV customers, enrolled in VIP, can now upgrade their package to include Netflix, free of charge for up to 5 months! Available until the 30th of June!



Who is eligible for this offer?


This offer is primarily for new or existing Sky TV customers who do not already have Netflix linked to their account. The offer is for customers who wish to upgrade their package to include the streaming service. Those who already have Netflix are not eligible for this offer.



Where do I check if I'm eligible?


If you go to Manage Your Account, you'll see the offer (if applicable to you), and how long you can have the discount for. It will be under Ultimate TV Add-on.


So let's see how many months free you can get on your tier, with what upgrade...



Tier Netflix HD UHD Kids
Silver 2 2 2 2
Gold 3 3 3 3
Platinum 4 4 4 4
Diamond 5 4 4 4


Key Information


  • You can mix and match these offers!

  • Netflix + HD will give you Netflix’s Standard Plan 

  • Netflix + HD & UHD will give you Netflix's Premium Plan 

  • You can only get UHD free if you have a UHD television, or you need to watch with 4 devices simultaneously 


What does this mean for Sky Signature?


If a customer already has Sky Signature and upgrades to Netflix, then Netflix itself won't mean the customer will be re-contracted.


If a customer moves onto Sky Signature from an old pack by adding Netflix, then the customer will be re-contracted on Sky Signature.


You can cancel Netflix at the end of your free period either way.


What's coming up?



A former basketball scout tries to revive his career by recruiting a player with a checkered past from overseas to play in the NBA. Staring Adam Sandler, Queen Latifa and Ben Foster. ​Selected theatres will be showing this new hit movie including being available on Netflix on the 9th June



Action packed film hitting Netflix at the start of June, One Army Captain is forced to use her years of tactical training and military expertise when a simultaneous coordinated attack threatens the remote missile interceptor station of which she is in command.  ​Available from the 3rd June 2022


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