Discussion topic: Bug when intiating an upgrade via website or MySky App

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Bug when intiating an upgrade via website or MySky App

I am currently using an iPhone 14 Pro Max (which I got from Sky) to look at the swap or upgrade options through my account, while navigating to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G with Galaxy AI:

1st bug is that when selecting Titanium Violet or Titanium Black the same picture is displayed to the user.

I then continue through the journey selecting Capacity size, tenure and then amount of data I wish to trade for money off. When the "add to basket" button at the bottom of the page is initiated I am then presented with insurance, if I select to continue WITH insurance:

2nd bug I do not get directed to the valuation screen advising how much is left on my current device and how much the difference is that I would need to pay.

If I proceed WITHOUT insurance I am then given this screen.


When trying to replicate the issue on the PC however I got a different journey bug 1 is still valid the picture shown is the same for both colours explained in the phone journey, how ever when navigating this upgrade on my PC I am not given the option for insurance at all instead when "add to basket" is initiated then I go directly to the valuation screen.


As someone who works in QA, the different user journeys dependant on app or website shouldn't be this dissimilar and as a consumer the fact I could easily sign up to an upgrade not knowing how much is left on my current device, is very misleading and could catch many people out either leading to charges they didn't expect and leaving people in very difficult circumstances financially or causing legal issues for Sky.


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