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I am having trouble getting into my Sky/yahoo email I have lost the code they gave me but I phoned sky as told by yahoo & changed the number of the phone to contact me on but they haven't notified yahoo I'm having a problem expressing my self & I don't no if I was clear enough but yahoo haven't changed it yet to the number that should have been given at the time my son turned on two time log in he gave the number I had which was only temporary.... Can some one please help because at the moment I have to leave 1 email open.


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Changing your mobile contact number doesn't change the mobile number your Sky Yahoo Mail Verification Codes are sent to.


Do you still have access to the temporary mobile number your son originally set up for you?


If not, and if you still currently have access to your email account, look for an email which contains your Recovery Code. If you can find that, you'll be able to turn off 2 step log in and set it up again (if you want to) with the correct mobile number. We can tell you how.


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