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Account error on IOS devices

Is anyone else having account error messages on their IOS devices? It's been working fine for me for years but over the past 2 weeks I'm getting constant account error messages when I try to check for new email. It can work for a couple of days and then it will happen numerous times in a day.


Webmail and Outlook seem to work fine but I don't really want to use them.


i've made sure all my updates are done on both my iPhone and iPad but it doesn't improve things. I've also followed all the guidance about using app passwords and using the yahoo server settings but nothing really Improves it.


Anyone got any suggestions?





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Re: Account error on IOS devices

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If you're using the Mail app, there are numerous reports here of intermittent problems with accessing Sky Yahoo Mail. As you rightly posted, other apps work fine, so it appears to be specifically an Apple issue. 


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