Using images or videos

Remember: You can only do this once you hit Level 1 on Sky Community. Learn more about Levels here.


How to add a new image


  1. Select the Camera icon  camera.png when in the new message screen. 
  2. Choose either Upload, URL or Saved Photos.upload.png                          
  3. Select the Choose Files button or drag an image here.       
  4. On the right-hand side you can choose the size and position of your image.


  • If you select URL, you can then edit using the steps above. 
  • Saved Photos are images you’ve already uploaded to the community.


How to add a new video


  1.  Select the Insert Video iconvideo.pngwhen in the new message screen.
  2. Choose either My Computer, My Gallery or YouTube.
  3. Select Preview.
  4. You can then change the size and position of the video.

Your images and videos won't appear straight away, one of the team will have moderate them first.


Please bare in mind images that include your personal details such as Sky account numbers will be rejected.

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