INVITE: Apple TV Sky Go Trial

We want your expert eyes to dig around a beta-launch of Sky Go on Apple TV!We want your expert eyes to dig around a beta-launch of Sky Go on Apple TV!


Will you be on the jury?


Friends! Customers! Apple TV lovers! Lend us your ears...and eyes, and hands, and opinions!


As you know, the Sky Go App is launching on Apple TV in the summer. That means that you can catch up on your favourite Box Sets, Movies and Sports right from the comfort of your paddling pool. 


But before we launch on Apple TV, we have to launch an investigation... 🔍


With each debut of our products, we try to release the product early to customers so that they can dig around and try things out. For this trial, you’ll see the layout you know from Sky Go with a few enhancements to make everything work as you’d expect on Apple TV.  So you can use Sky Go on more devices than ever!


The aim of this trial is to test and learn, so we want your honest opinions on how the app works on an Apple TV platform. Whip out the magnifying glass and see if you can spot any glitches, lags or quick fixes. Our technical team will be on hand to scope out those issues and work through different solutions.


Your focus group's feedback will secure customers a successful launch. So if you're technically orientated and have a keen interest in digging up clues, this might just be the trial for you!


This trial is only available to customers who have these supported devices:


We will be launching Sky Go on Apple TV on the following devices which must be on tvOS12 or above:


  • HD
  • 4K (1st generation)
  • 4K (2nd generation)


You will also need to sign an NDA...very top secret!


Some of you may currently be on our Sky Go trials already. As this is a new platform for us, we will be asking all trialists to agree to an NDA before being accepted onto this trial.


So why wait…?


Simply complete our short registration survey to see if you meet the requirements. Once we are ready to start the trial, our trials team will be in touch with more information via the email address on the survey.


Elementary, my dear Watson!

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