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telephone apps

hi i have sky q but my problem is i have apps on my phone that wont open as an example asda, wallis and argos there just some so if i didnt have my main frame computer i wouldnt be able to pay my bills and i know its a problem with my internet because i can open them if i go to my son or daughters house without any problems


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Re: telephone apps

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@Yorkie+1 the most likely cause is thst Sky's Broadband Shield is blocking the apps connection. Using the My Sky app go into the Product Settings menu choose Broadband Shield and change the setting to 18 or fully off to see if that allows those apps to work.

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Re: telephone apps

ive already tried turning sheild of

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Re: telephone apps



May have a public IP address that been blocked at firewalls etc..., to fix the issue turn off the router for about an hour to acquire a new public IP address.


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