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Yet another user with unreliable broadband.


We're getting numerous disconnections throughout the day. Really frustrating as we both work from home. Even the TV keeps telling me that its lost the Wi-Fi signal. Connections only drop out for a few seconds. Sky have already given me a replacement router after reporting the same issue a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly no fault was found when they did the line test. I'm wondering if the fault is in the line from the BT master socket, its the new type, to the junction box in the street. I don't know what the technical name is for the junction box in the street, it's under the pavement. At least one property in our road has had that cable replaced. 

Router stats as below, any advice greatfully appreciated .



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Re: Yet another user with unreliable broadband.

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@Ninja901 there does not appear to be any issue with your connection as the stats show the WAN connection has been stable for 362 hours which is 15 days. The noise margin of 3.2dB is about as low as it gets which indicates although quite long your line is in excellent condition and delivering 64Mb/s down and a whisker under 18Mb/s up. 

Whatever the issue is it doesnt look to be a bad connection to the cabinet that is causing it. This leaves two possibilities the least likely but simplest to test is you connection to Sky's server is using a port that is misbehaving this is rare but powering the hub down the Skybhub for 30 minutes should forceca change so is worth trying. This becomes more likely if devices using ethernet are also affected.


The more likely issue is with your home network especially if you use WiFi as one possibility is interference rebooting the hub as above will cause it to find the lesst congested Wifi channel. Also check that the hub is in the best position in your home as too many hubs are on the floor in a corner orcworse in cupboards just like a light the hub needs to be in the open above obstacles like radiators. However in many homes you may need more than the simple free router Sky gave you to get decent wifi speeds in every room.

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