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Wifi issues

Ok so this is driving me nuts..

Broadband all OK, or so the checks say, full deck of green lights, and I have reset / restarted the router numerous times.

Problems with WiFi...

My laptop connects to WiFi but says no Internet (this is in the same room as the router). If I set up a booster ,  which is in a different room to the router or downstairs, I can connect with Internet no problem.

Smart Tv in the next room will not consistently run on the WiFi, if I set a booster at the side of the tv and hard wire in to the tv, still get the same inconsistency I.e it may or may not access the apps or if it does it will kick you out after 5 or 10 mins.

Mobile phones same again with the WiFi , if I run wifi off the hub the Internet is either non existent or shady at best. To the point of not receiving messages or if trying to run say the BBC app it is painfully slow or fails to load.

Hub has been in since Oct, and all was well at first, but not it is unacceptable.


Any help or advice would be appreciated.




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