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WiFi on TV won't work

We are having trouble with the WiFi but only when using the sky box. Every other device links to it fine and my laptop is plugged directly into the router so no issues there. We are constantly having to reset the sky box to even try and get a connection to the WiFi to use netflix. The trouble shooter identified a problem when the WiFi wouldn't work but I rang the number advised and it just talked me through things I had already tried then hung up on me.

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Re: WiFi on TV won't work

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@Abz12341 if other devices are working normally it sounds like your TV is simply not getting sufficent signal from your hub. You can check thst if while it is connected you go into the Netflix app go to Get Help and run the network test. 

You may need some form of booster but often you can improve wifi signal simply by moving the hub out into the open onto a shelf or table. 

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Re: WiFi on TV won't work

Everything is in the same place as it has been for the past 2 years. We can't use anything except sky itself for the TV some of the time. Last night it worked fine again. Night before awful and we had to keep turning things off and on to get it to work. If I connect the TV to my phone hot-spot it works absolutely fine on all apps. So must be Soemthing to do with the sky box I'm thinking? 

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Re: WiFi on TV won't work

@Abz12341Although you say nothing has changed with respect to your home, you do have to consider other area's. If someone close has wifi, it may be possible that you are having interference on the wifi bands, reseting the router can sometimes help but is not always guaranteed. You would be quicker to analyse the surrounding wifi to see if this is an issue. Sometimes items in the home can go bad and aslo cause issues, so do keep it in mind. If you wish to post your router stats we can also take a look.

See top on pinned post on how to do.




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