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WiFi connection

There appears to a problem with my WiFi connection, I ran a test and speeds are fine but the issue are if I try to complete forms online whilst connected to WiFi, I keep getting kicked out. If I switch off my WiFi and try to complete form on my mobile network then all is ok. 
please can someone assist as I need this issue resolved for my work.

Thank you


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Re: WiFi connection

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@Caroline1982 can you post your Sky hub's stats see Find your Sky Broadband router statistics


One possible cause is  wifi interference which is very common. Ideally for business use you would use an ethernet cable between the hub and your device. You can often improve WiFi by making sure both the hub and the device are in the open so furniture and things like radiators are not blocking the signal. . 

Forum members matbe able to give better advice after seeing the stats.

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Re: WiFi connection

@Caroline1982 Also let the forum members know when you reply if it is only one device, ie your phone and if Android/Apple device or multiple like phone, laptop etc.


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