Discussion topic: Wi-fi connectivity problems since just before Christmas

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Wi-fi connectivity problems since just before Christmas

Good afternoon all


A few days before Christmas our internet disconnected just before midnight, which happens every now and then, but then didn't reconnect within a few minutes as it has done previously.


I rebooted the router at the time and this didn't resolve it and rebooted again the next morning and internet connectivity returned but a number of wireless devices could no longer connect. These have since connected to and disconnected from the network, seemingly randomly.

These include Sonos speakers and Echo Dots as well as a Meta Quest that every now and then says I need to sign in to the network (which it has signed into without issue the day before) Also our iphones sometimes don't connect to the internet when browsing in spite of them having full wifi "bars" This generally needs a switch to airplane mode and back off again to allow them to re-connect.


I have the Sky Broadband Hub and 2 white Sky Broadband boost boxes. I can see one of the boost boxes by typing in its' IP address as listed on the attached devices tab but the second one just spins continually in Chrome and never connects. All three green lights are on both boosters.

Due to it driving me mad I bought a TP Link Deco system last week to see if I could bypass the Sky router but this created additional issues as it had a blended 2.4/5GHz wireless network so I returned this within a few days and have returned to my old setup.

None of the broadband checks on sky.com see a problem with my connection or system, I am yet to call Sky as it suggested I post here in the first instance. I reset the router settings last night but this has not resolved anything. 

Is anyone able to help please or should I make the call directly to Sky ? Personally it feels like something has happened to the router when it went down but clearly this is just a guess


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Re: Wi-fi connectivity problems since just before Christmas

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Have you tried unplugging the affected booster completely?

I am NOT a Sky Employee
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Re: Wi-fi connectivity problems since just before Christmas

Since my post I unplugged both boosters and this let me reconnect a number of the devices. On reconnecting both, the one we have downstairs again would not load when putting its IP address in unless I use it in wireless mode rather than plugging in the LAN cable that had previously worked without issue. 

I'm guessing the issue must be with this booster


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