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Wi-Fi slow

Hi, my Wi-Fi keeps dropping in and out in some areas of my house which is effecting my kids playing their Nintendo switch online.


I have a booster which I used for my sky tv before when my broadband was with Vodafone. I've now moved to sky mobile and the booster doesn't seem to work. When holding down the wps button it doesn't go amber



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Re: Wi-Fi slow

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@Bakero23 you msy need to either buy a new booster or better a third party whole home wifi solution. Sky will sell you either their Broadband Boost bundle at £5 a month which can supply a. Booster if required or their Wifi max bundle which is £7.50 a month and comes with a new hub and up,to 3 extenders if an engineer agrees you need them. Personally I use a third party solution as it cost less than a 18 month Wifi Max contract would have.

65inch Sky Glass, 3 Sky Streaming Pucks, Sky Ultrafast + and Sky SR213(white Wifi Max hub) main Wifi from 3 TP-Link Deco M4 units in access point mode

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