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Weird or what can't acess FB or Outlook

I've been with Sky Broadband Talk for 2 years now and other than a slow speed and line always dropping [i'm at the end of the line and not on fibre] . A couple of weeks ago suddenly I couldn't get on Face Book, Outlook and a Art forum{Affinity Photo -USA] my broadband line kept dropping so did the usual checking and SKY sent me an email that said 'they had found there was a problem with my broadband speed and would try to fix it but it may take 30 days' so promtly forgot that. I took my Laptop to a tech guy on a different network and my computor worked fine for FB but not Outlook and he didn't have password for ART forum. fetched the laptop back and again none of the sites worked. I tried FB a couple weeks later and got as far as a 'white' page with login on the lefthandside but once I tried to login it said unable to connect.

Then suddenly on 15th November in the evening Outlook suddenly started up on it's own?  So i tried FB and that was working as well.WOW

Then this evening 16th November  went to go onto FB and again no connection just the White page with the Blue F and from Meta on it.  IS this a SKY BROADBAND CONNECTION problem? 

I've done a service check and it says all okay.

Any comments would be welcome, as I miss my FB😪


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Re: Weird or what can't acess FB or Outlook

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@DHP1 if the Facebook error page comes up quite quickly it is likely an issue at their end. However there is an issue affecting a few Sky customers which csused by a fault in one server not processing what are known as DNS requests. You can rule that out by powering down your hub for 5 to 10 minutes which should connect you to a different physical unit which should be ok.


It is worth running the connection test in the My Sky app as that will tell you if the connection issue is sorted or not. While in the app check the Sky Broadband `shield settings as it has been known to cause issues with FB - it should becsrt to 18 or be off.

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