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Unrecogned devices

My wife has been the victim of credit card fraud, one of the companies is refusing to refund her as they are saying it was done from our IP address. Just checked our connected devices and there are two listed we dont recognise. How do I firstly, find more details of these devices and secondly, how do I remove them from our Wifi


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Re: Unrecogned devices

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@Andy8114if your router has a custom password for your Wi-Fi then you can reset the router to bring it back to default and so connect each device you have to see if those unknown devices come back.


If the router is on the default Wi-Fi password the link below will help you change it to something you only know.



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Re: Unrecogned devices

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@Andy8114 I don't see how a credit card company would have a deep enough investigation to know a specific IP address of a transaction, let alone know which IP address was assigned to you at the time of the transaction.
Sounds like them making up an excuse to not refund....

Sky as an ISP change your IP address periodically (it's called a dynamic IP address) anyway, so you don't have one assigned to you specifically that last forever 🤔


As for "unknown" connected devices, the only way to kick them off (assuming they're WiFi connected) would be to change your WiFi password. A lot of devices though just don't broadcast the device name, and if that is the case the router just reports it as unknown, so don't assume it's always an erroneous device.
Commonly things like smart speakers, some android phones/tablets/anything smart home related, even smart TV's can all show up as unknown. 

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